Meet Lincoln and the rest of the Wessler Family

Monticello, IL. | Family Photographer

This cute little boy is 1! and has the biggest smile you will ever see. We had lots of fun with his mom, dad and gigi out at Allerton Park for his session. Mister bunny brought out lots of smiles for us and I loved his sunglasses.…so cute!

Lincoln, like many 1 years olds, is an explorer and wanted to see everything. So while he took a few breaks with his gigi to go explore the park, we got in some sweet shots of mom and dad. However, my favorite part of this session was at the end with the balloons. Watching Lincoln’s dad, Andrew, chasing after the balloons was priceless! Lincoln would hold it for a few seconds and then let it go. Andrew’s quick reflexes caught it a good 10x’s before it finally got away (note the end shots of Lincoln watching it fly away. I think we were all waiting for the tears but they never came).

I also need to give a quick shout out to Lincoln’s mom, Hayley. This gorgeous lady is one of my make-up artists I use for my senior sessions. She doesn’t just do seniors, though, she also does make-up for moms for family sessions, Brides for their weddings and lots more. Go check out some of her work here and give her a call next time you need your make-up professionally done.

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